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Integra Films is passionate about creating films that help people and businesses grow. Business videos are changing and viewers are not just intersted in "what" you do but "WHO" your business is. Integra Films has a unique step by step pre-production process that viewers actually connect with. Increase sales, traffic, and customer engagment with our unique business video production service.

Here is what we do. We put a premium on creativity and imagination. We help edmonton businesses with their video production and video marketing needs by creating a truly unique message. We raise the bar by combining stunning visuals with authentic story that goes past the mind and straight to the heart. Encouraging your viewer to take action by genuinely feeling your message.

Canadian Jetpack Adventures

Totally gnarly man! We've had the opportunity to work on a number of video projects with the guys at Canadian Jetpack Adventures. This video was one they wanted to go big with, like break Canadian records big! They wanted to do more than just show, but to also allow the viewer to get a real feel of what its like to fly. We jumped into action planning and storyboarding this short film. Spending 2 nights camping beside a lake and filming from sunrise to sunset was an amazing experience. This is just one of the amazing examples of how we help Edmonton businesses with their video production and video marketing needs.

Characters Restaurant

Mmmmmm so tasty! Not only did this Edmonton video production satisfy the eyes, but it also pleased our taste buds. Characters Restaurant is a hidden gem in downtown Edmonton. We are so happy to help showcase the amazing food, service, and style they have to offer.

Decore Hotels

Surrounded by the beauty of the rocky mountains, both Decore hotels are nestled in the town of Jasper. As much as we love Edmonton video production, we always have a special place in our hearts for the mountains. Check out the amazing views and activities we were able to partake in.

Arts Medi-Spa Edmonton

We love working with with business in Edmonton to help with high quality video production. The Arts Medi-spa is no exception. Get relaxed and healthy at the same time

Global Care International

Opportunity of a life time! Don't get me wrong we love producing video for people in Edmonton, but being able to travel is a whole new level. This film was a passion project we did for Global Care International in Haiti. We got a first hand look at the positive impact they were making in the live of Haitians. Video production is always an adventure, and this trip was no exception.

Covenant Health IRSM

We found ourselves deeply touched by the stories of the people who have been impacted by the work of IRSM. Edmonton video production gives us the opportunity to tell some amazing stories. The IRSM facility at the Misericordia hospital in Edmonton truly does amazing things for people. In a sense they give people a new quality of life that they may have never had.

ATB Financial + Ronald Mcdonald House

The Ronald Mcdonald House is a true treasure in Edmonton. The work that they do is not only inspiring but an asset to many families in Alberta. We offered our video services completely free of charge. ATB Financial asked us to capture the story of their branch volunteering in making and serving dinner for the families. This heart warming story proves that video has the awesome power of connecting with our hearts.

Gone are the days of traditional business videos

Viewers are growing tired of predictable dry business videos.  The most effective way to increase sales, traffic, and engament is to create a video that people connect with. Edmonton video production is changing into a new dimension.  Its less about what your business does and is more about who your business is.  We create videos that connect to your viewer on a personal level.  Our unique pre production process ensures your video invites the viewer into your business.  When we show off the "WHY" your organization does what it does, viewers feel compelled to engage with you further.


Why Choose Integra Films

If you haven't noticed video is literally everywhere. Its the most powerful way to get your message out to a huge audience. You need a video that engages and holds the attention of your viewer, something different that stands out.  Thats where Integra Films comes in.

We create more than just a video. We have a unique step by step discovery process to work with your business. We focus on the "WHY" and the "WHO" your business is. Focusing on these two keys will naturally showcase what your organization does.  When viewers connect with who you are, they are more likely to engage with you.  This is more than making a predictable script and story board.  This process digs deep into the many aspects of your organization.  It allows us as film makers to truly understand your organization and create a business video that not only reflects your values, but also creates action in your viewer.




It's About Making Your Audience Fall In Love With You

The Perfect Film

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Web Vidoes, Commecrials, Online Marketing, Business Videos , Training Videos, Real-Estate.

We produce videos for just about any need or idea you may have! Alberta video production is entering into a whole new world. People remeber things when they are attached to an emotion, a powerful video that shows the benefit of your product or service will win your viewer over. Commercial video production is more than pointing a camera and pressing record. Its important to learn the story behind your company or product so that each lens choice, location, lighting, and any other film choice reflect your final goal. We first meet with you to discuss your vision, ideas, and learn all we can about your cause. Our team works with you and takes care of all the creative steps to create your perfect video. Extensive pre-planning is vitally important before we ever set up a tripod. We care about your business just as much as you do, your video deserves our absolute best. We are proud of our work and opportunity to offer premium video production services to Edmonton & all of Alberta.

You are more than just another client

We believe in cultivating and growing relationships with people and businesses. We gain a clear understanding of who your business is and the story behind it. In doing so we create a film that is completely custom tailored to your company. We are intimately involved in all stages of production. We work closely with you in our pre-planning process to ensure we create a video that shares your message.

Business Videos

The best way to help your business grow is through video. A business film gives prospective clients a glimpse into your company, it allows them to feel a genuine connection to who you are and not just what you do. We work closely with you to create a film that reflects your true image and shares your message

Corporate Videos

Corporations are multi faceted with a diversity of people and divisions. Corporate films for external or internal use are a great way to share a clear message with others. WE are dedicated to understanding your needs and vision in order to create a custom tailored film..

Web Videos

Having an internet video is essential for every business in today's world. Let's face it, the ability to share video with friends and family is easy and popular across many platforms. The best way to stand out from the crowd and be remembered is through a web video.

Training Videos

Training videos are the best way to help many members of your organization learn and grow in a short amount of time. We produce videos to be shared with a large audience that relay clear instructions of your companies procedures and expectations.

Building a bridge that inspires people to choose you

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What's the Bottom line?

Every film is as different and unique as the people and businesses we serve. Prices can range from a couple thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. In order to give you a fair and proper price quote we require some more information. Contact us with your ideas, info about your organization, and what message you want to tell the world.

FREE no strings + no obligation price quote. Contact us today by e-mail or phone and we will work with you to create an accurate price quote. .

Our Process

Production steps

PLEASED TO MEET YOU: Before we jump into filming and production, we feel its important to meet with you and discuss your vision, goals, and target audience. We take time to know who you are and what your business is all about, this ensures we produce a film that reflects your values, style, and brand.

BUDGET: Together we create a plan to give you the most value without sacrificing quality.

PRE-PRODUCTION: Storyboards, scripts, shooting schedules. We organize all our ideas into a tangible plan that will keep us true to our vision and goals.

PRODUCTION: Its time to make the vision come to life! Cameras, crew, & equipment are all brought to location for filming.

POST- PRODUCTION: We carefully review all of the footage and bring it together to form a creative yet informative film. The editor will follow the plan we have created and add music, voice over, color grades, cuts + edits & finalize your film into the proper distribution format.

UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN: We give each other a big high five, chest bump, and "BOO YEAH" for such an awesome experience and job well done. We then say "see you later" because friends never say "goodbye"

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Got Questions?

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For pricing or any inquiries just get in touch with us. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Seriously, any question at all! Whether you have a video idea or just a general question, we will get back to you promptly, promise!

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FAQ video production

WHY EDMONTON VIDEO PRODUCTION? We chose Edmonton as a place to produce amazing video because it is actually very rich in culture and creativity. Not to mention it is a hot spot in Canada as the new leading city for everything. We know there are tons of business, entrepreneurs, and people with great products who need to get noticed by the world!

WHY DOES MY BUSINESS NEED A VIDEO? This is a great question and we go far more in depth on our blog about why your business really needs a video badly. Social media is a way of life now a days, and people share videos like crazy. But they don't just share any video it has to be one the resonates with them or is worth sharing. Fortunately we know the secrete sauce that enusres your video will be seen by the world

CAN I FILM VIDEOS MYSELF FOR BUSINESS? With video cameras becoming far more affordable and accessable this is a very valid question. An amature video will give your business a negative impression in the public eye, just becuase you have the gear doesn't always mean its easy to use. People can instantly spot a professional video from an amature video. If your video looks amature then people are going to assume your service or product is also amature. It can take a lot of work to recover from negative exposure.

WHAT MAKES YOU A PROFESSIONAL IN ALBERTA VIDEO PRODUCTION? We really hope that our work speaks for itself. Producing a quality video is about sending our a message the goes past the viewers mind and straight to the heart. We have disvcovered that viewers want to feel a connections to the person or product. Our unique apporach ensures that we produce your video in a way that is so unique it will not only be remembered but shared all over.